We here at Pefley's Farm Equipment, Inc, now use Stephan DRP for all of our trucking needs. Whether it be local delivery, or long haul trucking, their professionalism, and quality of    work is unsurpassed!

  David Pefley

  Pefley's Farm Equipment, Lagro, IN

Being involved with construction equipment for the past 19 years, I’ve seen Stephan grow into the premier heavy construction hauler in northern Indiana.  Having a committed and dedicated dispatcher, excellent drivers, late model and well maintained equipment, Stephan is committed to excellence and delivers what is asked of them.  When asked to have a truck at a particular location at a specific time, they are on time unless an unforeseen situation occurs.  But, even if a situation does arise, Stephan  will always communicate with the customer the time delays that may be involved.

Stephan is not always the cheapest up front, but is always the best purchase in the long haul.  Time after time, they are reliable, on time and committed to excellence in the construction hauling industry. 

John Koch
Operations Manager,
Southeastern Equipment, Fort Wayne Branch

We use Stephan as an extension of our own business. Their employees are all very knowledgeable, respectful, and job satisfaction is number one! Stephan  is first is class and the only company we choose when it comes to meeting our hauling needs.

Travis Arnold
Branch Manager,
MacAllister Rental, Fort Wayne Branch

Let us show you the same great service.  Call us- 260-673-0602