2013 Safest Fleet

Indiana Motor Truck Association announced the Safest Fleet contest winner at the Spring Transportation Summit in Indianapolis.  This prestigious award is bestowed upon one carrier in the state.  The Safest Fleet is chosen from 8 different divisions, local verses over the road fleets, ranging in size from 0-1 million miles traveled to 30 million plus miles traveled per year with the least accident frequency and best safety scores.  Stephan DRP, Inc. won the 0-1 million local and 0-1 million in the Over the road categories with 0 % accident frequency. Winning two categories of the 8, secured Safety Fleet in the state.

This is something that each employee of Stephan DRP should be proud of.  It is truly a team effort.  Dispatch makes sure that a driver has the information and permits need for a safe trip.  DRP Repair makes sure that the truck is in good working order and will not break down or cause an accident.  Safety makes sure that the driver is qualified and legal to drive.  Ownership provides support to all the above that says that they want a safe fleet operating on the highways.  Drivers have the most ownership of all.  Without safe drivers, we would not have a company that is award winning and safe.

Shannon Schlotter Director of Safety and Chris Stephan President display the awards that were presented to the company.

Stephan DRP, Inc. is a proud member of the Indiana Motor Truck Association.  The association recognizes superior safety in it's member carriers.  We are proud to announce we have been chosen 2013 Safety Fleet in the state by the IMTA.

Stephan DRP, Inc.
Our Master Truck Drivers
In order to be come a Master Truck Driver, the driver must be at least 10 years or 1 million miles accident free.  Stephan DRP, Inc is proud of our Master Truck Drivers.
Roger Moyer, and Jim Bailey are Master Truck Drivers from a previous employer and now are being recognized with Stephan DRP. 
Brian Merrell has been with Stephan DRP for 10 years and has driven over 1 million miles without an accident. Brian also has 16 years as a professional driver.
Jim Hibbert has 9 years with Stephan DRP and has driven 2 million miles without an accident. Jim also has 24 years as a driver. 

Pictured from left to right are Roger Moyer, Jim Bailey, Brian Merrell, Jim Leep and Jim Hibbert.

Darren Dafforn has been with Stephan DRP for 13 years with 1.3 million accident free miles. 


Bill Smedley has 10 years and 2.8 million accident free miles.  Bill has been driving for over 24 years the previous two with Stephan DRP.
Mitch Arivett has been employed since 2005.  He has over 1 million miles with Stephan DRP, Inc.